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I am a podcaster, artist, streamer, and video content creator. I am also a frequent crafter, avid game player, and fledgling urban farmer. My passion is getting to know why folks love the things they love.

General Chat

General Chat

General Chat is a podcast about fandom. It is also a podcast about passion, the emotion behind fandom. Whether it’s over games, movies, or books, passion is the feeling that connects us. Passion for story, for adventure, for honor and glory. It is what makes us run an instance over and over for waiting for that rare loot to drop. It’s what keeps us up all night trying to get the high score in Nibbler. It's what makes us gather online, by a table, or in a convention center. Passion is what fans run on and every episode I talk to a special guest to find out what fuels their passion.


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My hearthstone is set to Dalaran, my pickaxe is diamond, and my alignment is neutral good. Please join me as I stumble through various games collecting broken hearts, exploring ocean depths, and traversing the infinite possibilities of video game worlds.



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Vlogs, tutorials, Let's Plays, i'm not really sure what i'm doing but i'm trying my best to do it. Please check me out on my YouTube channel